29 June 2007

Of course the yahoo link of the previous post is now broken..
here is the story from a (hopefully) more permanent site:


Scroll down to read many dumb or superficial comments but this here is a cool and deep one:
A. Bettik -- May 5th 2007, 8:42am
This actually is a difficult question: Some chimps have been shown to have the cognitive ability of a young child... some have even learned sign language. Why should they have fewer rights than children matter?
I'm not really sure at all. This could end up turning us into some race of hippy-indian-treehuggers who get annihilated by the first passing alien race, or it could be a step in the direction of the enlightened, superior Xel-Naga who soon rule the galaxy in benevolence. I'm not sure which.

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Good for people to know.