30 September 2020

Back to it!

wow, was that intermittent blogging ... or time-restricted blogging?

Actually a long blogging fast!  Since my last post here, came the advent of social media (my Facebook page, my Instagram stint) and a separate blog and a website to serve my acroyoga teaching phase.  Here i am, back on this thread with the observation that... everything evolves, to begin with myself. Since March, actually since December when i heard about the first news on the virus I knew my acroyoga days were counted. I know that sounds early to have worried about this virus thing, but somehow i had this nagging feeling, which I only shared with a few people, that it was gonna get ugly, especially in India where I was living at the time.

So there i am, 2 months back in Euroland, soul searching and job searching.  First i was thinking after the long traveling gap I may only access a secondary school teaching job, which would be a fun and useful new turn. Then I dared thinking of myself again as a scientist and a bioinformatician. Looks like some stuff has evolved and some hasn't much... the New, the Exciting and the Facepalming. More on that later, for now back to crafting résumés and cover letters.

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